High Rollaz Cigar Club LLC was conceived in August 2015.  For over 9 months I worked with master blenders in the Dominican Republic.  Together our efforts slowly come together to create the most incredible line of premium cigars that ALL can enjoy.  The cigars combination consist of Nicaraguan and Dominican blends which have aged for 7 1/2 months.

High Rollaz Cigars and Apparel 

Sizes will include 6x60:

Here's to long ashes and some "SMOOTH" quality cigars. The dream is coming to life.

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Medium - Full (Habano Corojo)

Full (Maduro)


With the High Rollaz Cigar, I simply set high standards of quality, taste, and aroma for cigar aficionados around the world, and my products are my best testimony.  The cigars have a very smooth draw, a perfect burning and can be smoked to the finger tips!

I celebrated the release of the High Rollaz Cigars at the official Launch Party on April 16, 2016 which was a huge success over all.  Crowds came from near and far to experience an unforgettable smoke, select from my inventory of fine cigars, and accessories like my signature hats and shirts.

Medium (Habano Claro)

I want to give thanks to God, my wife Wendy, my five children, and AMADIZ Cigars for their continued support. It is so motivating for me to keep pressing forward so a BIG thanks to everyone for their contribution to High Rollaz Cigars. Thank you all for being a loyal customer.

David "Smooth" Smith 

Founder, HRC, LLC

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